New Order Game


This is a short set of musical pieces that originally were supposed to form a soundtrack
to a computer game we tried to create with a group of friends.
The game never saw the light of day, all that is left are a handful of conceptual sketches
and this small musical album.

The main story theme of the game was a global catastrophy on a planet
inhabited by several intelligent races and lives of those who survived the cataclysm. In short: post-apo stuff.
The album is again a mixture of electronic and ethnic sounds.

New Order Game


Nadda City Ruins - explore music | 4:10
The Great Plateau - explore music | 5:17
Dust And Blood - fight music | 2:34
Eogoden Rocky Ravines - explore music | 4:41
Unami Capital - explore music | 2:51
Brown Plains Of Epsa Din - explore music | 3:07
Shag Da - fight music | 2:48
Haonite Badlands - explore music | 5:00
Hope Town - explore music | 3:46